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I would like to introduce everyone to a new line of products that we think you all may find useful. While not limited to just trolling motor applications, we believe our system is very well suited for this use case. If you ever wanted a mount that allows you to slide your trolling motor in a linear direction to avoid overhanging the boundary of your boats hull in order to help keep your motor safe as well as avoid potential damage to the deck of your boat in the case of a collision with docks, other boats, trailer rollers, etc, then I invite you to check us out at:


Our mount system has some unique features that allow you to adjust how much force is required to move the assembly along the entire path, or just in discrete locations if you desire. This enables you to have a "locked" position anywhere along the travel that you desire. Best of all, you don't have to turn any knobs or pull pins, etc to achieve this. You simply set the friction force at initial installation and you are all set! Of course you can always go back and adjust it as needed anytime you like as well.

Also, a common question is "will I need to add more holes to my boat?" Good news! You do NOT need to add new holes with our system as we have adapters to use whatever holes you have already as long as they are the standard motor patterns or the common static bow mounts like an RTA-17 or similar / clone.

Another common question is, "Can you support taller mounting height in order to clear obstacles or features on the bow?" More good news, our design allows us to support a considerable vertical range with a simple rail swap. Just let us know what your needs are and we can most likely support it!

While we have a lot of media for you to look at on our site, I'll leave a few pics and a video below.

Lastly, as a thank you to this forum and your time for reading this, if you decide to place an order with us, use the coupon code TFF2018 at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING to the continental US.

So, we would like very much to hear from some of you and please feel free to ask us any questions here or contact us directly via our Contact page or via a simple email @ support@shuttleslide.com

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