I have a '78 SeaRay with V-8 Chevy and Pre-Alpha drive. It has the splined/splined steering pin and gimble ring with threaded hinge pins and trim/limit sensors that cover them (not the earlier pressed in hinge pins). Can't find any legible numbers on the drive or gimble ring. The splines are worn out on the gimble ring resulting in excessive steering slop. I know it won't get any better.

I have the drive, bell housing, and gimble ring off now, and want it to be right as is goes back together. I understand that the splined setup was changed to the square pin with the alpha 1 gen 1 drives because the former is less than desirable. I also see that a square/splined steering pin is offered by some sellers, but I cannot get any particular info on it because they want to sell me a new gimble ring & bellows kit, and other parts I already have, so they aren't offering any info on just the steering pin.

My question is, can I go back with an aplha 1 gen 1 gimble rig (that has the square hole) and the square/splined pin that would work with my existing steering arm? I have been unable to determine if the upper seal and bearing interface will work on my pre alpha gimble housing without any dimensional conflicts?

Sorry for the long lead up to the question, but it's been my experience that too many details when talking about these drives is not possible.


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