Hey guys,
One of the biggest questions that I hear to this day regarding Toledo Bend, is why are there blocks of missing data on my Navionics card. For anyone that is running a Navionics Platinum, Navionics+ or a Navionics+ Regions card, most of those places are an easy fix. Be sure for the first time you plug your card into your chartplotter to be sure to go into your settings and activate the Sonar Chart or FishNChip layer. It is night and day difference on the amount of detail you will see, check out the pics from the Navionics App of Sandy Creek Flats on the Southern end of Toledo Bend and see for yourself. Not only is this a big deal for on the water successes but also when doing research and preparing for an upcoming trip.
Without Sonar Chart Layer Enabled:

With Sonar Chart Enabled:

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