The fishing has been picking up real well over the last couple of weeks. The river is up and moving strongly. This makes finding the catfish in the river pretty easy. Find a good deep hole with a pretty quick drop off. Position above the hole then sort of drift your baits down to the to end of the hole. The cats are sitting there in the slack grabbing stuff as it comes by and also cruising the slope on that upstream side of the hole. Last Friday we fished for about three and a half hours and put 20 lbs of boneless fillets in the freezer. Most of the fish were 16 to 18 inches but we also had one 15 pound and three in the 8 pound area.

We were fishing with fairly light rods (7" med ugly sticks, 20 lb mono on 6500c3s) and let me tell you the bigger cats when they got up and into the current were a tussel! This Friday I may move up to my ugly stick tigers with braid on 6500c3s to give me a little more backbone. That 15 pounder was a beast in the fast moving current. My buddy fishes with spinning gear and he was also having a chore hauling those cats in.

Great day lots of fun...

You know that old saying "Some people march to the beat of a different drummer."? I don't listen to a drum at all and have meandered through life instead of marching.