I thought I would share my experience with SEI.
Two years ago I put an SEI LU on my 225 efi and about three months ago noticed it was shifting funny. Got home checked the oil and the first thing I noticed was my plug wasnt tight and sure enough water was in the lower unit and damged the seals. I called SEI got a return authorization to send it back. Unfortunetly my work schedule kept me out of town and the boat hadnt been on the water. Last week on Monday I called SEI they said the return order was still good and to send the unit. So I went out to the shop and got busy luckily I saved the box it was originally shipped in repackaged it per requirements
and went down and mailed it the same Monday 3.5.18 they received the package late that Friday. I was fully prepared not to see the new LU until mid to late next week, it arrived today. That means from the time they reveived it processed it and sent a new from Florida to Texas five working days!!
Iam impressed so now I will be on the water my next days off.

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Larry M.