TTZ wants to say thank you to the Travis Tuesday anglers and as such we will be giving away a team entry for all tournaments in one region of the TTZ Trail in 2019. We realize that a lot of anglers do not always come back to weigh-in, especially if they launched from other ramps. We also appreciate the fact that a lot of anglers will throw their fish back if they are not in the money. Which is great, it speeds things up, and ultimately this is better for all the people and fish involved. So instead of doing an AOY program, we are going with a participation based entry into the end of the year raffle. The more events you fish, the more entries you will receive for the raffle.

The winner of the raffle will get comped entries into all events of one TTZ Trail region in 2019. You can choose to fish the 2019 Trail as a team or you can fish solo.

There are 33 Tuesday night events, but the last night will not count towards the entries. Anglers will have 32 chances to qualify for the live drawing that will be held on the final night. You do not need to be present to win.

Each event fished equals one entry into the raffle, for anybody fishing 30 or more events they will receive an extra five entries. The first Travis Tuesday event will be 3/20/18, for more information please click here:

Lake Travis Tuesday Night bass tournament

Thank you for fishing TTZ!!!