Got up in the dark, took off to Purtis Creek and it began raining, hard, about the time I pulled near the ramp. Winds? Brutal. So, I was going to let some light help me see what was going on, reclined and closed my eyes. 3 men showed up 30 minutes later, started unloading, so I decided to stay. Later, once I was on the water, a father-in-law and son-in-law from the Forney area showed up, then later 2 young men from Ray Hubbard area. That was it: 8 kayaks and no boats. At least, I saw no one else. I immediately went directly over to the adjacent cove starting at the top and letting the wind push me along. The 3 men went out, came back in and left. Brutal. The Forney men went over to another cove, then left, too. I was eventually the only one left on the water. Anyway, other than one dubious excursion around and into the blasting wind to move to the next cove, I spent all my time just working back and forth, up and down the cove across from a swim area. 7, 8 bass, can't recall which, all in the 1.5 to 2 lbs. range. I missed about 4 others which is danged hard to do on a drop shot but I manage. Again, the water was very green so blue colors were working best for me. Fun lake, some big fish in there, too.