The trailer that came with my Skeeter has a UFP break system. I've replaced the break actuator on it 3 times now and it's due for a 4th. Well long story short, I'm feed up with the POS UFP line. Never have been satisfied with this break system.

My current set up is one where the actuator slides into the square tube that is the neck of the trailer frame.
I'm currently looking at the Titan product.

From what I can tell, you bolt the Titan on top of the neck of the trailer frame. Sometimes the holes do not line up so you have to drill new ones.

Has any one converted from one break system to another? Did you convert to a Titan and if so, was it an easy swap?

My boat is a 24ft Skeeter ZXBay. From what I can recall, my trailer has a capacity of 6000. I'm guessing that with all that I carry, I'm over 6k because I've broken every leaf spring on this trailer and have replaced with heavier springs. I'm looking to add another set of disc breaks on my rear axle with this upgrade.

My pic is gone frown