Today I am introducing the TEXAS RATTLER™ to the market with my pat-pending U-LOCK™ I created for it.

My new locking device 'universally' locks a soft plastic on a jighead and will also give an angler more mileage out of his soft plastics, therefore saving them money.

Soft plastics have gone from ~$5.00 per 10 count to ~$5.00 per 6 count over the last 10 years !

I have made an improvement on the Rockport Rattler® Original I put on the market in 2003 and the Rockport Rattler® QuickLock I got a US Patent
(US 7,614,178 B2) in September 2009.

TEXAS RATTLER™ jigs will be available in March, when we start taking orders.


Video is also available when you follow the kickstarter link on the TEXAS RATTLER™ web site

"Fishing is fun, ... but catching fish is more FUN !!!"