Know this has been beat to death but need opinions on best transducer placement for best picture from 0-5 mph. Dont care so much about on plane readings with todays mapping. Simply looking for the best picture at slow speed.

Transom is stepped, so i am leaning to putting it under step. Have not done this before but someone before me did. Have read that some put it centered on transom, directly in front of motor, but I am leaning to offset it to the port side a bit. Know about the strakes, how far l or r from the livewell drains?

In the pics, you will see a ps30 on the stbd transom. Rides out of the water on plane, gives good readings at slow speed or stationary. On port side is gt52. Rides out of water on plane. Ok reading there at trolling speed, but did seem to pick up some turbulence or propwash on the screen. Removed the transom board there and going to reposition this transducer, and add another. where should i put this for best returns 0-5 mph?


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