A question was posed on another forum and it's one that gets asked a lot this time of year. They were headed to the beach and wondered if the packery jetties, beach, or red dot pier would be any good in early to mid March.

My answer...
"Probably jetties and red dot. March can be epic.. and it can be skunk city as well. The jetties should be a good play even if it's strong north or south winds as a lot of bait is coming in to the bays thru packery that time of year. Trout and reds along the rocks with weedless rigged soft plastics or jig heads or free lined live bait (shrimp or mullet). Plastic on jig heads can also be fished under a mauler or small cork with oval or concave head to keep the hook out of the rocks. You can also fish the beach side of the rocks and work a gulp on jig head or live mullet along the bottom for reds and flounder. Flounder will begin coming back in during February (some are already trickling back in now) and that will last until May. You could fish all along packery channel for trout along the drop off, and flounder on the bottom.

Be prepared that time of year.. If it's cloudy and windy or foggy, it can still be cold. So have your cool weather gear with you.. dress in layers. If it's sunny and little or no wind, then it can get hot in hurry.. then the fog rolls in and 20 minutes later your cold again. Hit the dot at night. if a cold front rolls in it can be tough fishing period but you'll do best early early morning in the lights and some reds will be in the canals off the flats and in packery.

For those willing to wade in, i'd probably still wear your waders unless it's a south wind or calm and very sunny and you don't plan on going over calf deep. If you get wet or wade deeper without waders and the wind comes up or temperature drops and gets cloudy.. it can be cold.

There are obviously many more options than this for waders, kayakers, and boaters. The fish can still be in a transition period during march moving from winter or late winter locations to the spring locations. Glass minnows will be starting to get big enough for both trout and reds to begin focusing on them even though mullet is available. Main Bay shorelines like Traylor island on the bay side and all along the Channel toward Dagger Isl tend to be good spring time spots.

Good luck out there.

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