I have my grandfathers old 14' aluminum V-hull, with a simple single axle trailer that I am looking to turn into a dedicated pond hopping boat and I am looking for recommendations on a good solid but cost effective motor to put on it.

I have a place of my own with 3 small ponds as well as having access to a ranch with lakes ranging from 7-80ac; what I'm wanting to do is get this boat rigged out with an easy to use outboard that will allow me to access these waters and the boat will be primarily used for general fishing of crappie, bluegill, catfish and bass.

Determining factors would be....

Ease of starting - Pull start is all I need and with proper storage I want it to be easy to start after being stored for a couple of months between uses.

Cost - Trying to keep the cost of this project low so I'm open to used motors but would like something relatively new production.

Power - Speed isn't a high priority but I would like something that's capable of enough speed to plane out..... was thinking 8-10hp

Parts - I want to be able to order parts and service without having to seek out odd ball parts.

Any advice and or links you guys can throw my way would be appreciated