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Jan 23rd, 2013
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BassGrabbers Tournament Trails 2018 new format "Bank fishing Bass Tournaments!!" #12570714
01/09/18 05:30 PM
01/09/18 05:30 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
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RussPrater "Bass Commander" Offline OP
Extreme Angler
RussPrater "Bass Commander"  Offline OP
Extreme Angler

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 1,434
 BassGrabbers Tournament Trails

The BassGrabbers Bank Fishing Tournament is a 4 hour event held in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Tournaments are won on the best total length within a 3 bass limit.

The best bass limit in length wins 1st place which is a 60% payout followed by second place at 30% and 3rd place with 10%. If only 2 competitors place, the payout can go either 60/40 or 65/35. Registration and administration fees shall always be paid on the day of the event at check in.
The BassGrabbers reserves the right of refusal to anyone. However, we do not discriminate against age, sex, race, or national origin. These tournaments are all ages events and can make for some awesome family quality time so don’t leave your kids behind! Just make sure all the rules and regulations are followed so that it may provide a safe and fun time for all..
These tournament trails are a lot of fun and it possesses a great group of people with various skill levels . We look forward to having anyone who believes they are up to the challenge and has a desire to learn, win, and most of all, have fun.
We are entering a new era in our Trail. For the past 7 years, we have had full tournament trails that were held monthly with Angler of the Year, ECS Championship, And other obtainable accolades. We are going with a new approach this year with 3 big blow out events: Spring Classic, Summer Classic, and The Fall Classic!

Price: $35.00 per tournament
$20.00 goes to the Pot
$10.00 goes to the Director
$5.00 goes to the Big Bass Pot

Fishing Tournament Rules

Section 1 Fishing Distance
1. Each participant must allow a casting fan between each other while fishing. This means that each fisherman must be permitted to fan cast within reason without interference of another competitor. In some situations, you will not be able to fan cast due to obstruction.
2. You are allowed to stand and talk next to a competitor however, a mutual agreement with competent judgement must be made. If a competitor tells another to give space and he/or she is there first, the approaching competitor must yield to his or hers wishes. All request must be made politely with the up most respect . If a dispute breaks out, notify the nearest Director onsite immediately.  Take a picture or video to bring to the Director. If the approaching competitor catches, the fish can be protested with PROOF OF PICTURE OR VIDEO WITH TIME AND DATE STAMP. No competitor by any means is allowed to cast under you while you are casting out or in the process of changing lures, or equipment maintenance . This creates a safety hazard and is unsportsmanlike. If someone is in "your spot" politely and respectfully  find another.
3. Do not cross lines or try to cast in someones area if someone has found a hot spot. Be up to the challenge and find your own. Failure to comply will result in 1 warning from an official and if the occurrence is documented by picture or video, the violator will receive a DQ

Section 2 Presenting your catch
1. The fisherman who caught the fish must present a picture of the fish or the fish will not count. People are allowed to help young kids, older competitors, and the disabled.
2. The code on the forehand must be present in the picture with the fish and measurement. It must be visible and legible.
3. Pictures must be visible with a VISIBLE measuring board and code written on forehand.
5. THE WHOLE FISH MUST BE PICTURED AND THE WHOLE MEASUREMENT MUST BE VISIBLY PICTURED!! IF IT IS NOT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVED WHAT THE MEASURING DEVICE SHOWS IN THE PICTURE BY INCHES SHOWN.. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are using the type of measuring board where the numbers start after 0" and you have a fish on the board but you board cannot measure such a small fish, the fish in counted invalid because the it cannot be visibly measured. Please use a board that can measure the whole fish. Any fish presented pictured with measuring tape will NOT be valid. The board is now our oficial way of measuring. ALL fish must have the head facing the bump board and tail facing the measurement.
6. If you loose the tournament code, please call the Tournament Director for a new one. You must find him. They do not have to come to you. Remember that they are competing too so please be respectful. Its best to carry a marker on you to write the days code incase yours rubs off.
7. Winner is judged by the best 5 bass in length. Each inch of each bass counts as a point. Any member of the black bass family qualifies: (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted or guadalupe In length to nearest 1/4"   going forward from tip of mouth to tip of tail. YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE CREDIT WITH WHAT YOU PRESENT. If your picture does not show tip of mouth to tip of tail, you will only get what is shown in inches.
8. If a tie occurs between 2 or more competitors or 2 or more teams that caught a limit of 5 bass, the winner will be based on a "Big Bass Challenge". Whoever has the largest bass in length out of the tie, will claim the victory. If 2 competitors or teams have the same length, the winner will be judged on the next best bass and so on.
9. If a tie occurs between 2 or more competitors or teams and one has less than a  bass limit and the other has a  bass limit, the competitor or team with the limit will claim the victory unless other competitors or teams are in a limit tie (see Big Bass Battle above).
10. If all lengths match in a total tie, sudden death will be declared. Sudden Death allows ALL competitors to re-enter. Once a fish is caught, pictured and released, the competitor or team must present the picture immediately to claim the victory. (Competitors or teams who re-enter can only win by sizes instead of first fish within the sudden death hour). If a competitor or team who re-enters ties the competitors without the competitors who caused sudden death, we will go into another hour of sudden death. If a tie cannot be broken, the pot will split among the tie.
11. If no one catches within original tournament hours, one sudden death hour can be declared by a unanimous vote. If sudden death is not declared, we can proceed a make up date to have a winner. If no one catches after that, the pot will be a full return to each competitor except for registration and membership dues.
12. You can not use the same species of the same length in your measurements. A spotted bass and a largemouth are two different types.
13. You can use the same species of bass with a different measurement.
14.All fish must be measured accurately. NO EXCEPTIONS.
15. If no one catches anything during the tournament, we will go into a 1 hour sudden death or everyone can take a vote to have a whole new redo of the tournament on a different day that does not interfere with other tournaments. The first contestant that catches first within the hour will claim the tournament win. All contestants must report back to check in before sudden death is declared. If no one catches, your money will be refunded. Refunds are not permitted after the tournament begins. Money can be refunded if there are No catches after 1 hour sudden death.
16. Helping anyone by giving them a fish that you caught is STRICTLY PROHIBITED or you taking a fish from anyone is prohibited.

17. You must report back in a timely manner to final measuring. You have 10 minutes to report back or otherwise given by the Director to report back. If you do not show up for final measuring and have not contacted the Director past 15 minutes, you will receive an automatic disqualification.

Section 3 Ground

1. If you are caught going past the limited area for the tournament, you will be disqualified without refund. If someone reports you, it can not be word of mouth. Everyone should have a photographic device to take video or pictures and report back with the tournament director for any action to take place. Report all rule breaking the day of the tournament. If you hold your peace, it never happened and no one will ever know the truth.
 2. Use common courtesy and common sense at all

Section 4 Fishing License
1. Fishing License is required by the State of Texas. BassGrabbers Tournament Trails can not and will not be held responsible for anyone who is caught fishing without a license. It is the competitors responsibility to purchase a license in order to fish legally. If caught fishing illegally by authorities, BassGrabbers Tournament Trails will not vouch for the violator and they will be removed from fishing the trail and presented a DQ until a valid license is presented and verified through the Director.
2. Anyone who wins any money at an event will be subject to a fishing license check. If they do not have their fishing license on them, they will not receive the money and it will be given down to the next individual who meets this criteria. It will not matter if they left it at home, etc.. All competitors must be licensed and have their license on them. No exceptions.

Section 5 Live Bait, Electronic gear
1.  NO fish finders or other devices that can electronically locate fish or determine a type of bait or lure the fish will want for the day will be allowed.
2. Live bait is now prohibited from all BassGrabbers sanctioned events.

Section 6 Foul Language and Sportsmanship
1. Try to keep language classy.
4. NO personal attacks verbal or physical is allowed during the tournament , on the BG Facebook page, or on any level PERIOD. This is your warning. If I find out that someone is being harassed , I will do a brief investigation and rid the trouble makers. This is not a place for high ego prima donnas. Fish hard or go home.

Section 7 Disqualifications
1. You are responsible for your own gear and safety. And you are responsible for knowing and understanding all rules and regulations. You are to check these rules and regulations BEFORE EVERY TOURNAMENT.
2. Any cheating of any kind will either disqualify  a competitor  from all of BassGrabbers Tournament Trails depending on the violation and the final call by the Head Director.  If you see someone fishing beyond the rule book, contact the Tournament Director immediately and use your phone or camera to document the occurrence.
3.All tournaments are scheduled for 4 hours.
4. If everyone is fishing except for a few, the ones who are done must wait until the tournament is complete.
5. All buckets and ice chests and tackle boxes/bags are subject to inspection prior to fishing. (the reason is to ensure that no one is bringing fish to measure that they did not catch during the tournament).
6. You must be present for the entire 4 hours of the tournament and report to check in after the tournament to receive your points. You do not have to stay for final measuring however, it shows good sportsmanship.
7.  If you have to leave the tournament for any reason before final measuring, notify the designated tournament director and text your pictures to him so that you may receive credit for your catches. All pictures must be in no more than 15 minutes after a tournament has ended. If not, your points will be void and you will receive and automatic DQ.

Section 8 Protests
1. A picture can be protested at final measuring. The protest must take place when your name is called before final measuring is complete. Once completed, all protests are invalid
2. All protest decisions will be decided by the Tournament Director on hand OR higher authority.
3. All protests must be for a the common good of all competitors.
4. They may not be out of bitterness.
5. All protests must be the day of and prior to final measuring ends. If a problem is spoken after it happened, as far as rules are concerned, it never happened. SPEAK UP

Section 9 Payout
1. At each tournament, there must be a 60%, 30%, 10% payout. If only two people catch fish, it will change to a 60%, 40% payout or 65/35 depending on directors discretion. If one person catches, it will be winner take all.
2. There will be NO REFUNDS even if you have to leave early or are disqualified.

SECTION 10 Take-off
1. You are now only permitted to  leave from check in 15 minutes prior to fishing time unless otherwise instructed. This allows the Directors to have the same fair shot as the rest of the competitors. Sometimes people arrive late adding stress and time the Directors must take to taking care of a competitor. Official Check in ends 15 minutes before 1st cast.
2. 4 or more people will make an official tournament.

Section 11 Big Bass
1. Big bass is always optional. It is $5.00
2. You must have paid the 1 time yearly membership fee in order to compete for Big Bass.
3. Big Bass is a members only side pot.
4. You can only buy in before the start of a tournament.

Section 12 Weather
1.  With Winter Mix with road and ground conditions, it makes fishing very dangerous. The Head Director will make the call. All other conditions, the Directors on Site will make calls. We buy no means, call an event because "the fish are not biting" We rough through them. If you notice any bad weather, contact the Director on site immediately
2. All rules and regulations are subject to revisions and additions at any time during the trail except for during tournament hours.  Some rules will be enforced from direct order from the Head Director.
3. It is wise to always revisit these rules prior to each tournament.
4. It is also, the competitors responsibility  to check periodically for any changes. At each competitors first appearance for a new season, they will sign an online liability waiver and a safety waiver stating that they will understand, comply, and keep up with any changes within the year.
5. BassGrabbers Tournament Trails reserves the right to refuse service for not complying with these rules and regulations.

Section 13 Late Arrival
1. Please register online no later than the night before the tournament (preferably no later than 10pm) . This gives Directors ample time to check the database and have all registrations prepared.  If you do not, you will have to register online the day of the tournament. This will make your check in time longer than what it has to be.
2. If you are GOING TO BE LATE , contact your Director 15 minutes prior before take off to notify via text or call. (Directors numbers are located in this contact tab on this site.) Please do not call the Director who is not in charge of the event. Call the correct Director. At this occasion, the Director can leave a marker and let you know the code of the day by text or call  to mark on your forehand to use. If marker is left for you, please return it where you got it from. in the text or call you must verify if you are also fishing for Big Bass. You are to find the director and pay the director or work out another arrangement when you find him. They will NOT come to you.
3. If you do not notify the Director before take off of late arrival, they will assume that you are a no show.

1. All registrations must be completed online on our Facebook account.

March 31 7-11 am
June 30 6-10 am
September 29 6:30-10:30 am

All meet ups will be at Panther Island Pavilion on the Trinity River in Fort Worth 1 hour before start time
You are allowed to fish anywhere on the river in between Loop 820


Re: BassGrabbers Tournament Trails 2018 new format "Bank fishing Bass Tournaments!!" [Re: RussPrater "Bass Commander"] #12573458
01/11/18 01:40 PM
01/11/18 01:40 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 28,954
Denton County
Dan90210 ☮ Offline
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Dan90210 ☮  Offline
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Joined: Nov 2009
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Denton County
How many fish? Says 3 at the top then states 5 several other places.

Sounds like fun!

Originally Posted By: junbengreat
Pulled a gun on his dryer and they caught a bunch of fish.
Re: BassGrabbers Tournament Trails 2018 new format "Bank fishing Bass Tournaments!!" [Re: RussPrater "Bass Commander"] #12585884
01/19/18 05:35 PM
01/19/18 05:35 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 1,434
RussPrater "Bass Commander" Offline OP
Extreme Angler
RussPrater "Bass Commander"  Offline OP
Extreme Angler

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 1,434
Its 3. Havent updated the site yet.

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