We're looking pretty good going into 2018 as for as the level of the lake and the fishing!
Our lake is in pretty good shape we are on the low side but I bet we get some spring rains to help hold off the drought, and after saying that it's usually June before we get our spring rains.
We are catching mainly Blue cat catfish now and it will probably stay that way until mid March!
On the Blue cat I'm using fresh caught shad and cut bait.
I'm looking for what I call box fish just nice eating size blue cat on the deep water Humps.
Some folks are using punchbait and soured grain over baited wholes.
That's a good way to go it's just not what I'm doing now.

Mother nature always suprises me but traditionally usually we start getting our sandbass and hybrid fishing going by late March.

If I was going to go after the Sandies now I would start the trip mid morning and fish probably until 2 pm. , and we would probably catch a few nice fish! Which isn't a bad way to spend a pretty winter day but if the weather is suspect it's probably not worth going, just my opinion!
Let's go fishing this spring!
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