You are not happy with 1/32 in. tinsel they sell in the market for your fly tying - it's not up to your standard. Here is world thinnest tinsel, micro-cut 1/250 in. (same as hair thickness) tinsel for fishing. You'll be stunned by the quality you are getting. World best quality fishing tinsel you can get. All UV refractive. It doesn't stick each other in water.

- 7 types of tinsel spools depending on color, pattern, UV refractive index
- 3 types of ready-to-go combo. Just choose anything that works for you

All spools are provided with Spool band for convenient pull & cut and store - no more hassle with tangles and twists.

Beat others at tournament - Bass and trout and many other fishes detect UV. Tinsel will make huge difference. It was proved by our pro staffs and field testers many years. There are increasingly more people fishing with tinsel and hook only in Asia - no kidding, they don't use worm. Pls take a look here (tinsels & tying thread shown here are not released in US market yet).

[Linked Image]

One more thing. Did you know? TINSEL is registered trademark of Hitena.

Only possible at Hitena.

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