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February 17 Lake O the Pines
March 17 Brandy Branch
April 21 Lake O the Pines
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Welcome to the 2018 Fishers of Men Northeast Texas Division
This is our biggest year yet with the best schedule and biggest payouts. With great payouts every month and a chance to win up to a $5000 1st place for our championship, you will not find a better tournament trail to fish in East Texas. Be sure to read all the details below or feel free to contact us for more details on how to qualify for sponsor bonus money and Skeeter Real Money Eligibility.

We are going to an "OFF LIMITS WITH PRACTICE" Division this year.
The tournament waters shall be off limits from 12:01am the Monday preceding the tournament until safe light on Friday morning. Friday will be an official practice day. Then tournament waters will be off limits again from 5:30 pm until blast-off. TEAMS MAY NOT SOLICIT INFORMATION FROM ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN ON THE TOURNAMENT WATERS DURING THE OFF-LIMITS PERIOD. Teams may not have the assistance of any non-competitor for the purpose of locating or catching fish on the official practice day or the competition day. (see exception for legal substitue in Rule 16) Any competitor found guilty of violating the off limits period will have their catch disqualified unless pre-approved as described below.
Exception-* It is permissible for one team member to compete in a tournament, alone, or with a legal sub, even if his/her partner has been on the tournament water during off limits as long as: (1) no information is shared between the partners, AND (2) the team requests approval from the tournament director for one team member to compete in the tournament while the other team member will not be competing and will be on the water during off limits, AND (3) the tournament director approves the request BEFORE THE OFF LIMITS PERIOD BEGINS.

Payout based on 30 boats.
Membership for team series is $40 per person
Gold membership (family) is $55.
Entry fee $150 per tournament and can be mailed directly to me or paid by PayPal on the Division page of our website.
All entries must be paid or postmarked 8 days prior to the event to avoid the $25 late fee.
Also, if you win any one of our divisional tournaments out of a Skeeter or G3 boat purchased at Plano Marine of East Texas, you will receive an additional $500 dollars in Plano bucks (can be used for in store purchase of goods and services).
If we have at least 30 boats at any event it will be Skeeter Real Money sanctioned and pay up to an additional $2500 dollars depending on boat eligibility (the newer the boat, the better it pays up to $2500).
We will pay one place for every five boats.
We will pay Big Bass plus have an optional Bonus Bucks pot at $25 per boat for each divisional event.
Our divisional points champions will automatically qualify for the district championship and receive plaques and jackets from the national office.
The top 80 percent of our Division will qualify for our district championship (fall 2017)
Top 20 percent of our 11 district championships will qualify for the national championship (spring 2018).
Fish all five of our regular events and come to at least three meetings and you will qualify to fish all 11 of the district championships.
Schedule and rules posted on fomntt.com
Jeff Gage, Director 250 Fox Glove Lane Longview Texas 75605
Cell (903)738-7878
Office (903)753-3515

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