I like this winter we haven't really had but it's not February yet.
So just when you think we're not having a winter we get a blast of cold cold air!

Everyones first question when they see me usually is are you catching any fish.

Funny but I really do catch fish this time of year starting around 9 am or so most days.

 Sandbass and Hybrids are actually biting a little bit up in the morning. 
It wasn't more than a few days ago there was actually some working seagulls with hybrid striper and Sandbass feeding under them!

Mainly though it's a mid morning bite,  jigging a slab at them on the deep water humps mostly in depths of 30ft or so is pretty productive for this time of the year.
For a bonus they are really nice fish!

The Blue cat I usually start fishing around 8 am for them.

I'm catching some nice blue cat on the deep humps water depths of 30 to 40 ft.sometimes even 50ft.of water. 
I've been staying with shad and cut bait using the Carolina rig fishing off anchor and it's working out pretty good. 
If you would like to try one of these pretty days of fishing ,  I'm saying I don't fish when these  northers are blowing in not me no more!
Maybe you would like a gift certificate for a fishing friend in the spring! 

Call Bob Holmes longest continuously running fishing guide on the lake and still the Striper lake Record Holder!
‪214 728 3310‬

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