Guys we have plenty of quality Dominator Tungsten ready for sale with some great pricing as well
Bullet style:
1/16oz $0.35
1/8oz $0.65
3/16oz $1.00
1/4oz $1.20
5/16oz $1.50
3/8oz $1.85

Flipping Style:
1/4oz $1.20
5/16oz $1.50
3/8oz $1.75
1/2oz $2.25
3/4oz $3.50
1oz $4.50
1-1/4oz $5.50
1-1/2oz $7.00
2oz $9.00

We sell all of our weight plain as painting is a waste of time. It WILL chip off and look terrible! Here is also a great video on how to never paint our Tungsten weights so that they will NEVER chip! The coloring difference comes from how long the weight it super heated as well as how long it's dipped in the ice water. Longer/Longer equals very dark, where very quickly in and out if the ice water will give it a more green/gold to blue color. Again this will NEVER ever chip!