LFA fishes a team competition once a month. All of our tournaments, on the other Thursday during the month are draw. Members are always fishing with someone new thereby getting the opportunity to learn many techniques, baits, and places. We are are not capped and are always looking for new members to join our other 50+ mostly seniors.

Each team counts their best 10 fish caught between them. Of course all of the fish caught are measured on a Chek it Stik, recorded and then released. No fish are retained unless someone were to caught a SAL which has never happened.

While members catch a fair share of Lake Fork overs, that is fish over 24", most of the bass are of normal size. For us everything 10" and over counts. Some days a little bass is what saves your day.

The wind was NOT down blowing a pretty steady 25 with gusts but the fish were biting on a full moon day..83 fish were caught but most of the overs were small.

Bob Roberts and John Shinn were first with 23.59on 10 bass anchored by Bob's 6.4 lb lunker
Bill Ailes and Charlie Abresch were 2nd with 17.49 bass anchored by Randy's 2.74 LB. lunker
Randy Steele and Charlie Arnold were 3rd with 15.49 on 10 bass anchored by John's 4.87 LB. lunker
Gary Pardini and Stijn Lens were 4th with 10 bass for 15.41 with Stijn's 3.02 lunker.
Dennis Bubinas and Gene Shoemaker were 5th with 10 bass for 9.64 anchored by their both 2.02 lunkers..

LFA Members must fish 8 regular tournaments during the year in order to qualify for the Team Championship, and the Major League Fishing Championship.
For info on joining the Lake Fork Anglers PM me on here or e-mail me at Sjbasser@aol.com,

Lake Fork Anglers Twice A Month Daytime Thursday Tournaments
Hard Core..Major League Fishing format

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

We are VERY PROUD to Annouce our Induction into the
Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

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