I was on Naconiche Tuesday and the lake has turned red again like it has for the last few years. It must be stirring up algae or something when it does its turnover. Last year I couldn't catch anything on the main lake when it was red, but Tuesday I caught some nice ones up to 4 pounds on rattle traps in the grass on the main lake. I went up the creek arm to the north and found clearer water all the way to the back and caught some in the grass back there. Even though it was red, there was still a lot of bait fish in the areas around the grass and some brush piles on the main lake banana , so I assume it just turned red, since I have been out of state for the last week and a half.
How bout them Astros! banana

Don Chumley
If I ain't fishing, I ain't happy.
But mostly I'm happy.
I love being retired, the check is in the mail.
Mt. 6:33