Lake Fork Anglers twice monthly Thursday daytime tournament for Oct 26 the fish are biting but the slots we are used to catching were hiding out today. Plus it was really windy with gusts up tp 30. C rigs, top waters and square bills accounted for a lot of fish.

Only the five largest count:
First place went to Dennis Bubinas of Lake Fork with a 6 fish bag at 11.36 with THE 5.08 lunker
Second place went to Randy Steele of Sulphur Springs with 11 fish coming in at 9.51 with a 2.36 lunker.
Third Place Angler went to Bob Roberts of Longview again with a 10 keeper fish culled to a 5 fish bag of 8.93 anchored by a 2.02 lunker.
Fourth place went to Jack White of Lake Fork with 4 fish for 8.02 with a 2.49 lunker.
Fifth place went to Tim Gold of Mineola again with 7 bass for 7.95 with a 1.87 lunker.


First place went to Gene Shoemaker of Lake Fork with a 7 fish bag for 9.45 with The 3.91 lunker
Second place went to Stijn Lens of Belgium with 14 fish for 8.39 lb with a 2.02 lunker.
Third place went to Ken Kielbas of Arlington with 9 7.09 with a 1.82 lunker.
Fourth place went to Randy Fugate of Corsicana with 3 bass for 4.29 with a 2.36 lunker.
Fifth place went to John Berech Garland with 4 bass for 3.54 with a 1.37 lunker.

Only 103 total fish were caught on Thursday.

For info on fishing with the LFA e-mail me at or PM me on here. We are looking for boaters right now but will take co-anglers who have boats and will fill in in that capacity when needed..
Dues is $5 a year. Tournaments are $12 with an optional $5 lunker pot and an optional $10 big bag pot.
In 2016 the LFA fished 25 times, You have to fish at least 8 to maintain membership. And you have to fish 8 times to be eligible to fish our other two formats: Major league Fishing (known as Hard Core) and the team format known as Faze 4.

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