October 15,2017  Speckled Trout are back on the menu.
​for about the first thirty minutes, I could no wrong, then ....? The action was fast and aggressive. bait jumping out of the water, fish jumping out of the water, a lot of excitement, but it  did not last long enough. No birds, just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. The North End of Sabine Lake is very clear. the South End is not bad at all (just not as clear). I think the fish are adjusting to the salinity of the water just fine. There were some birds working, but they were moving fast. A lot of small Specks, but some slot Redfish were mixed in. Got some "Top Dog" Top Water action in. it is always a blast catching Trout on Top Water Lures. Small Trout were chasing schools of shrimp. The Speckled Trout had their bellies full of mullet and small fish. From here on out, it should just get better and better. Short trip, but long enough to know the Speckled Trout are back, and here to stay in sabine Lake. luckylindycharters.com