We headed out Friday morning for a little adventure. We were heading to Lake Cypress Springs but stopped at Lake Winnsboro first. There were 2 other boats on the lake when we got there. Fished for about 4 hours and boated 8 fish. Couldn't find any vegetation, so we fished whatever looked fishy. All fish caught on crank baits and were small. I wish this lake was closer so I could figure it out. It looks like it has some good potential for us.

Left Winnsboro and headed to our hotel in Sulphur Springs. Unpacked and headed to Lake Cypress Springs. Put in at Guthrie Park because it has the all-important bathroom for the Mrs. I really didn't like the way the boat ramp was configured but I worked it out. One other thing was there was no courtesy dock. I pulled up to the bulkhead and it was only a foot deep. I picked up my Wife, put the hammer down and rooster-tailed our way to deeper water. By this time, the wind had picked up, so we headed to the protected side of the lake. Tried fishing a creek channel but never got a bite. I had seen some boats at the dam, so we headed that way. As soon as I dropped the trolling motor, I knew why those boats were there. My TM transducer showed mega schools of bait. I tried a lipless crank bait but couldn't snag anything, so we switched to a very small crank bait. I also used a jigging spoon when I saw big clouds under the boat. We caught 15 bass, most of which were Kentucky Spotted Bass. Man, those suckers slam your crank bait! I lost what appeared to be the fish of the day on a wake bait in very shallow water. That sucker looked like a tarpon coming out of the water, flinging my bait out if its mouth.

Called it a day around 6:30. On the way back to the hotel, we unfortunately had a blow-out on the left front of the boat trailer. Took about an hour but I got it switched out. Normally, whenever I have had a flat tire, at least one person will stop to see if we need any help. Not this time. Not even a highway patrolman. And believe me, there are lots of cops on I-30. Oh well, I guess they were busy.

Called it a night, knowing that I had to find a radial trailer tire around Sulphur Springs on Saturday. The closest NTB or Discount Tire was at least 45 minutes away. We got up Saturday morning and at 8:00am, I called a local place called Discount Wheel & Tire. They said they had 3 different brands in my tire size. Swung by and they had me taken care of in 30 minutes. Went back to the hotel, hooked up the boat trailer, and headed to Lake Cypress Springs. Headed straight to the dam but the bait was gone. Only caught 2 fish. We went looking around but just didn't see anything that enticed us to stop and fish. We decided to load up and check out Lake Bob Sandlin.

Launched at Bob Sandlin State Park. This was a very nice area with restrooms, good parking, good ramp and a courtesy dock. On the shore line, I saw what I call Pepper Grass. It always makes me feel better about a new lake when I see some kind of vegetation. A guy at the dock said the bass have been shallow and gave me a package of c-tail worms that the fish had been hitting lately. I thanked the man and we headed out. We fished several places that looked promising with that magic worm but couldn't get a bite. Moved around and found a few nice small bass here and there on cranks. My Wife caught 6 to my 2. This is a large lake that would take some time to figure out where the fish are.

Lake Scores (scale of 1 to 10)

Lake Winnsboro - 8 (has potential)
Lake Cypress Springs - 6 (schooling shad saved the day)
Lake Bob Sandlin - 7 (needs time to figure out)

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