I'm heading to the San Juan River in New Mexico below Navajo Dam next month. I will be fishing with Fisheads on a guided float trip the first day, to learn patterns and locations. Then I'll be on my own the rest of the trip. We are camping at Cottonwood Campground in the state park and along the river. I'm assuming it could be pretty chilly in late October, and the water will be cold. I'm taking my kayak, waders, wading boots, splash pants and jacket, base layers, fleece jackets, a dry bag, etc. Fortunately I have a lot of gear from previous years of whitewater rafting trips. My plan is to float and wade. I will have 4 wt and 5 wt setups (wishing to add a 6 wt). Planning to get some more flys at the local shops. I am still a novice fly fisher and any experiences or advice is appreciated.

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