MajorCraft, one of Japan's premier Rod and Lure companies is releasing a new series of rods here in the states. We are super excited to be a part of this release as we helped design a couple of rods in the lineup that will cater to all my fellow flippermen! We should be receiving samples soon and will have them ready to order by Nov-Dec (hopefully sooner)! We have officially signed up as their Texas Rep and look forward to working with all the shops in Texas. We will be looking to have a pro-staff as well that will assist in building up the MajorCraft brand. If you are a serious dropshot fisherman and are looking for a truly unique and capable dropshot rod that has the Japanese Finesse touch there will be no shortage of exceptional rods for this technique. The MS-1 lineup will have 17 rods upon release that will cover Finesse to flipping and Big crank to Swimbaits. Though Japanese rods are known for their Finesse abilities the MS-1 will hold its own in power fishing as well. Also dropping is the ZonerHunter line of crankbaits. A truly unique crankbait that is ol' school wigglewart inspired. Some samples have been handed out to our current customers and the feedback has been awesome. Gets down quick and has a wide wobble action. We will also be reworking some of the current MajorCraft Japanese series to suit the American bass angler with actions that will fulfill all aspects of the way you fish. Thank you all for reading and we look forward to a great partnership! TackleTour MajorCraft

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