Tomorrow morning, myself and Lane will head to south Texas in an attempt to aid in rescue efforts. We’re headed toward some of the smaller communities between Houston and Beaumont (maybe further east) and will have a caravan of 4-5 trucks, 2-3 boats, and a trailer full of supplies. We’re in the process of gathering funding and donations and will also contribute our own supplies and have already began spending our own money to get our group in gear.

If anyone would like to contribute to our efforts, we’re looking for water, fuel (both gasoline and diesel), non-perishable foods, and funding/donations. We’ll be running 4-cycle engines but would also like a case or two of 2-cycle oil to help with boats that are running low already. Both Lane and I will be accepting tangible goods (in person) and donations from now until Friday morning. Cash, PayPal, and most any form of payment can be arranged publicly or privately.

Lane is going to collect donations from the DFW area…. I’m located a few hours west and will be collecting donations from my surrounding area (Newcastle, Graham, Wichita, etc.).

Our goal is to spend 48-72 hours in the areas of greatest need or until our supplies prevent us from staying longer. In the event that no civilian rescue will be allowed by the time we arrive, all funding will be donated or distributed back to those who contribute (your choice).

Lane Palmer: 817-266-9811
Jerry Taylor: 817-673-7595

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My PayPal:

Thank you all for your support.