I am in the Valley (ie the stretch along the river) and we did not get anything for wind or rain... I had to use my intermittent wipers some. Monday we will venture out to the Boca Chica Beach and see what happened, the tide was supposed to be 7 feet or more above normal. Normal high to low is usually less than 1.5 feet.

Friends in Downtown Corpus lost power but otherwise ok, "inland" / west side of Corpus in CalAllen ok and still have power even. Saw a weather tracker video up coast (I forget is Rockport or Port Lavaca) and it looks like Hell..

As we had no inland rain we will not have a problem with fresh water flushing out the bay but the upper coast would be another story as it is supposed to sit and rain for days

First picture has the tall buildings on SPI in the background and the second has a ship with drilling rig docked in Port Isabel. As mentioned where I was parked would have bee 7 to 10' under water. We will go scout on Monday and report back..