Well I was able to get some time away from lake fork this past weekend and head South. I made my first stop at good ole choke canyon. I just love this lake because, i have caught just as many double digit bass as fork here. The lake is low low and very very dangerous if you dont know where you are going. I typically fish the south shore. The water looked fantastic slightly stained and only 87 degrees. The bite was even great for the numbers. I caught all of my fishing beating the rocks on all windy points. I was using a santone chat and white spinner with double gold willow leaves. I will be honest I caught a nice fish prob in the to 7lb range and since I didnt have my net I tried to horse him in the boat. Yep the line broke with the spinner in his mouth. I never caught another fish that day. it was the only one that color in the boat. I caught 14 that morning. Then I head on down to lake falcon. I had to stop at falcon tackle to here some good stories from James. I always make a point to see them boys because they will give any fisherman a good piece of advice. They also have a great selection of baits to choose from. I havent seen this lake so low. it was like 38 feet low or something. It was a great time to get down there and mark all those hidden treasure rock piles that I forgot about. The water was great at the south end of the lake. There was so many fish showing up my graphs it was crazy. I could catch more sand bass than you could shake a stick at. I just couldnt get the big girls to bite me deep. They were sitting in about 24 ft of water on points and humps. if you fished the shallow windy points then, you will catch as many fish as many bass as you want. i could land 20 to 30 bass with a few over 2lbs. I would get so tired of it I went back deep for the monsters. I do believe if you timed it right in the right spot you could land a giant shallow. The fish were very active. I could follow the birds and when they were feeding i could catch 2 lb bass under them in 10 ft of water on flukes. The Carolina rig fluke was my best for the majority of fish. I could Texas rig a power worm in watermelon red and catch them in the trees. So the water was in the upper 80's and looked great until Tuesday. The water started turning ugly on Tuesday. James at Falcon tackle said they have been waiting on some flood water coming from Amistad and I think it was coming in Monday. it wont take long to get things back to normal there. Well time to get back to lake fork. I have dates open if you are fishing the Sealy Outdoors tournament in Sept.

Wes Graham
Professional Bass Guide Lake Fork
Booking Agent/Professional Hunting Guide
Illinois Trophy Bowhunters