The lake really fished great. The cooler weather and the now fresh water is such a blessing in august. One, for us to be out all day in the boat..And two, the fishing has been incredible! I'll say though, normally I catch fish in 13, 16,17 foot of water. This week they really wanted to be in 20. I had a lot of trees that had multiple fish on them too.they also were more main lake this week. The mouths of coves and shallower water just didn't produce. But the main lake was stacked! We had a couple of two pounders and multiple over a pound and a half! We did catch some on jigs... but it's STILL a better minnow lake! Still no pics due to it doesn't work properly on my phone on here. But I'll have some on my Facebook shortly! I took a couple of days off to spend with the family. Mason starts pre school next Monday..... going into this week I had every day booked.. but some things have changed and as it stands now I have Thursday morning, Friday morning, and Sunday morning available. I'll also be able
To do an evening trip on Friday if anyone is interested. I don't normally do evening trips on weekends but I'm available to this Friday. Fishing really has been great. And we will fish all timber! Hope to see some of y'all soon! Thanks y'all!

Lake Ray Roberts Crappie Guide
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