Lake Fork Anglers Faze 4 Thursday daytime tournament for August 3rd where the weather wasn't to bad and the tournament ended at noon..

But like most of July the fishing for all was pretty mediocre.

Faze 4 is a draw team competition where our members are paired together for the benefit of everyone that still need help in learning and improving. Boat driving safely around Fork, techniques, baits and spots.

The teams are allowed to count their best ten fish, slots count.

Mike McWhorter Wallace Dyer came in first with 11.92 on 7 fish with a 3.31 lunker.

Bob Roberts and Bill Ailes finished in second with 11.78 on 7 fish with a 3.78 lunker.

Dennis Bubinas and Rick Harvey came in 3rd with 7.29 on 5 bass with a 2.74 lunker.

Galen Smith caught the 5.08 LB lunker.

For info on fishing with the LFA e-mail me at or PM me on here. We are looking for boaters.
Dues is $5 a year. Tournaments are $12 with an optional $5 lunker pot and an optional $10 big bag pot.

Lake Fork Anglers Twice A Month Daytime Thursday Tournaments
Hard Core..Major League Fishing format

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

We are VERY PROUD to Annouce our Induction into the
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