Hard Core (Major League Fishing format) is pretty cool getting to count every fish you catch.

REPEAT=This months installment of the qualifying round no one caught the 6 LB to move on in October. Because the fishing really SUCKED.

Like the real TV show every fish over 10" counts. You must catch 6 LB + in one of the qualifying tournaments to move into the semi-final. We set it low so most of our members would make to the second level. But there is three ways to qualify. Then in the semi-final on a portion of the lake drawn that morning:

The first ten members to catch 8 lbs will record it on the back of their score sheet and have the other person in the boat sign the sheet and record the time. They will qualify for the finals in November. Which will be held in one of the two remaining lake sections.

Today 7/20 was qualifying tournament # 9

Fishing was terrible and the co-anglers actually did better than the boaters.

First place went to Randy Steele of Sulphur Springs with 5 bass for 5.24 with a 1.72 lunker.
Second place went to Bob Roberts of Longview with 4 bass for 4.59 with the 2.19 lunker
Third place went to Gary Pardini of Tyler with 3 bass for 4.40 with a 1.92 lunker.

Co-Anglers (Judges)
First place went to Don Cox of Garland with 5 bass for 5.49 with the 3.95 lunker.
Second place went to Ken Kielbas of Arlington with 4 bass for 3.36 with a 1.00 lunker
Third place went to new member Nick Tovar of Como wit one bass for 1.92

25 keeper bass were caught today.

None of them on top water lures. Drop shots and c-rigs also accounted for a bunch. Fishing was terrible pretty much across the board again.

For info on fishing this tournament and others put on by the Lake Fork Anglers contact me at sjbasser@aol.com or PM me on here. We have openings for both boaters and co-anglers right now. This is a club that fishes only on Thursday daytime. Dues are $5 a year.

All of our tournaments are priced for seniors as follows. $10 entry 100% payback, $1 for club and $1 for the Top 6 team* So Total entry of $12. Optional lunker pool 80% payback of $5. Optional 100% payback side pot for $10 per person.

In addition to this format that we call "Hard Core" we also fish our regular every other Thursday tournament, and a team tournament all at Lake Fork on a draw style fishing. All of our tournaments "paper" the bass and slot fish count.

If you are as "Hard Core" as some of us you can fish every Thursday like we do. And some Fridays too. And then Opens on the weekend.

Hey we are seniors and we are supposed to be doing something to keep us healthy and our minds sharp and get some vitamin D. LOL At least that is what you need to tell your wife.

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