On this trip, I was kayaking in 2-3 feet of clear water. The area was a mix of different types of sea grass and the bottom was mostly firm with some softer areas and potholes. During the time that I was fishing, I only saw three mullet casually flip over the course of several hours.

What I did noticed that kept me in this area is that from time to time I would see several pinfish follow my Controlled Descent Paddle tail back to the kayak. This was the key that let me know there was bait in the area and increased the probability of larger predator fish also being there and feeding. When the pinfish would follow the smaller paddle tail, it was like fishing with live bait without actually using it. There is no doubt in my mind that the school of bait helped attract the trout and reds to my lure.

By following the subtle signs and sticking to the area, I was able to keep a limit of reds, and release many more. Not a bad day for not seeing any “active” bait.


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