Went out this morning from 7am-Noon and had a pretty good day out there. The last two times I fished Dunlap once it was chocolate milk flooded and the other was during the draw-down, so seeing 5' visibility and normal levels was amazing. I fished the upper half of the lake only with a large majority of my bites coming higher up the lake rather than lower. I ended with about 15 largemouth total with only 3 being in the 2-3lb range and the rest being unders. Docks seemed to be the most productive all day with deeper water being the key. The docks sitting in 8' or so were all great. I had zero luck on topwater and moving baits but admittedly didn't give them much of a shot after the first hour. Black/blue fleck finesse worm on a 1/8oz shakey head did all my damage. Saw several larger bass just cruising around but they never would commit. Carp were visible all over the place. Very nice day out on the water overall.

Good luck,