Hello Texas Anglers,

This time, I want to share with you the last video that I posted in my Youtube channel. Maybe some of you may recall that I was talking about a new project that I was working, but as always, I needed time to dedicate for it.

After thinking about in some different ideas, finally I worked in a concept of a kind of lure that I’ve never used before, but I was sure that it could be very effective in my fishing for Corvinas.
I always looked Darter Lures, and I asked to myself why do anglers here do not use them. Maybe because no one have tried darters before, I really don’t know.
I have seen darters in catalogues, in videos, in internet, at BassProshop when I go to shop, but I never bought one. Believe me.

Because all the previous, I began to think to develop my own style of a Darter Lure. Those ones that I had the chance to get on my hands in the past were a little thick and heavy. So I thought to do something slimmer and lighter. Some kind of a Darter lure that I can cast well for the kind of fishing that I do. Thus, I was wondering to make a combination of the typical Darter lure with the lures that I usually use (DUOs, Daiwas and my own Attila Fat Minnows).

My intention with the video that I bring for you, I want to introduce my new Attila Veneno Concept (“Attila” = you may remember that I chose that name for all my own lures because I like a lot the story of Attila the Hun; and “Veneno” = which in Spanish means Venom or Poison). The Attila Veneno, is the new member of the lures that I do at home, and is a 100% Homemade Balsa Wooden lure. It weights around 1oz, its length is 6”, it is armed with two saltwater Treble Hooks 01, shifting weight system, it is low sinking action, and can reach 65-78 yards when casting from the shore line with a 9’10” rod, and finally it has a good swimming action. I pretend to use the Attila Veneno at night to catch Corvinas or whenever the conditions are favorable and permit me to use them.

I invite you to watch the video, and please let me know your thoughts and recommendations to improve my work. I will appreciate a lot. On the other hand, in my next post I will show a second video that I have already began to do, where I show the main steps to do the Attila Veneno.

Here is the link to the video:

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