I have been out of fishing for three years, and have caught the fever.
I used to fish Belton a lot, and Whitney some. Buisiness and time got in the way, sold my boat, but now in a good position to fish more.

Looking for someone to fish with on Lake Waco, Lake Belton, Lake Whitney, or Tradinghouse.
If you have a boat, I am more then willing to share expenses, load and unload, etc.

I like to bass fish, Stripers, and even cat fish. I catch and release unless you want to keep the bounty.

I am self employed so I can easily go during the week.

AND, if you know of any ponds in the central Texas area that you would like some company fishing,
Give me a shout.

Also I have been known to smoke some killer ribs and brisket............(bribe) grin

Let me know if you are interested.
Big Kahuna Woodworks.

Living the American Dream in central Texas !