I have been around Lake Baccarac for a number of years, the early days, the fish kill days , resurgence of the Lake days ( the reason I built Lake Baccarac Lodge ) , the slow down after the resurgence days that now leads us to today ! : After 6 years of low water the Lake filled up to 99% capacity by mid October 2016, the last 90 days has been the best constant big bass catches I have seen on the Lake. If I could figure out how to post pics I would flood this post with pictures. Or send me a text to the number below and I will share the hundreds of big bass photos with you. All with a story! You can find our Facebook page , Lake Baccarac ! Find us instagram And view the pictorial trip of the last 90 days ... I may be off by a couple but since last week in Sept we have hosted 121 customers and 89 of those caught bass over 10 pounds with many 13 pound bass in November and even 1 over 14 pounds. Nobody left without at least an eight pounder.

So what happens now that the temps are dropping and the fish decide to go into pre spawn mode. Not sure every year is a little different , but sometimes the past predicts the future and I truly believe the spring to going to be " Great Again "

We operate private planes out of Ft Worth, landing 10 minutes from the Lodge , have a new economical 6 seater , of course our 8 seater and our 10 seater.
In addition this year we have been using our private service out Phoenix, Az at our exclusive only to us cheaper rate.

Added routes into Los Mochis , Mexico for the people choosing to arrive commercial

I am so confident that we will meet or exceed your expectations, on January 19th, I will offer the air service at a discount for 4 people out of Ft Worth. In addition up front you only pay me 50% of the Lodge price. At the end of the trip when we land back in Ft Worth you pay me the remaining 50% if YOU determine we did everything we promised and we did everything possible to give you the best fishing opportunity. Call for details about this opportunity!

Lake Baccarac Lodge is hoping you get your Bass Down Here !

Bass Regards

Terry Hollan

Direct cell 8066794433. Feel free to call anytime

Terry Hollan

Lake Baccarac Lodge
"Get your Bass Down Here "

Cell 806 679 4433