First off, I am sorry to have mislead y'all about my presence in a customers boat when he caught a 10 lber. I had a customer from Saturday ask me to adjust his graphs for him as we ran same units. I set them up free of charge and gave the man some baits the day before after our trip that we had caught fish on. I even rigged them up for him and his son to use on Sunday. Now during our trip we had seen a giant fish follow a bait all the way to the boat and although we fished that area very thoroughly and caught some fish we never saw her again. After we talked Sunday he went back to that same area and soon after sent me se pics of a 10.6 and said thanks, your spot, your bait. I said congrats and asked if he would mind if I post pics and claimed fish. He said absolutely I couldn't have caught her without you and even mentioned how he thought it was the same fish we saw the day before. So seeing as how much time money and effort goes into finding these big fish I felt I deserved some credit, perhaps I was wrong, where I know I was wrong is on fabricating a story to make it seem like I was in the boat. I apologize to all of you about that. I am a new guide and trying to build a business on a tough competitive world and I sacrificed my integrity to do so in this case and it was wrong. Now when Mr McCarty commented to me on face book I apologized to him via PM and deleted post, I then contacted mods here to delete this post as well. Trying to head off any unnecessary conflict. I asked Mr McCarty to forgive me as even though I was super happy for the guy at the same time it was frustrating to put in the work and have it happen right after you were with the guy, and I made a mistake by stretching truth. I do and will continue to try to go above and beyond for anybody in my boat and pride myself on doing so. Just as I felt I did for this man. Mr McCarty chose to judge me on one set of actions and I can't blame him for that but many of you on here know me personally and I sincerely hope you don't allow my mistake to take away too much from what you previously thought of me. I have and will continue to provide honest weights of fish caught and reports on how they were caught. Good luck and again I apologize for misleading y'all.