On Saturday I had six year olds Noah and Jude out on Lake Somerville, along with dads Ben and Justin, from Houston. The boys enjoyed the boat ride to the fishing spot. We had a light north wind early and the bite was on good early. About 10 am the wind stopped completely and so did the bite.

In the beginning Noah and Jude were tit for tat on reeling in fish, with Noah one ahead. Noah came to me and asked if I could fix it so they both caught the same number of fish, so it would be fair. Luckily the boys lost count of how many the had reeled in and ended happy fisherboys.

They ended the day with 31 cats and two buffalo for trip. All fish caught under corks, in 8-12 foot water, using CJ's Crawdad punch bait.

On Sunday I had Debbie and Mark, from Phlugerville, on Somerville. Once again, light early north winds, coming to a halt about 10 am. They had never caught a catfish before, even though Debbie grew up fishing in the North East. They were glad they got to learn a lot about the How To's of catfishing.

They ended the morning with 26 nice cats to 5#. Fish caught both cork and tight lines, in 8-12 foot water, using CJ's Crawdad punch bait.

Weldon Kirk

Weldon Kirk
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