The Harvey Creek Boat Ramp on Rayburn is owned by the National Forest Service. After Hurricane Rita, the Forest Service quit maintaining it. For those of you that are familiar with it, the area used to be a pristine primitice camping area and a nice two lane boat ramp. Over the years it has fallen on rough times. The Forest Service no longer maintains it, and local residents have tried to keep up with policing trash etc. at the ramp. The Road in has Huge Pot holes, and the high water this spring has done severe damage to the ramp, to the point where right now it is a barely serviceable one lane ramp. If repairs are not made soon, it will not even be that. The importance of the ramp is that it is the only public ramp on the east side of the main lake, between the 147 bridge, and the dam. The Friends of Harvey Creek non-profit is being established in order to attempt to secure funding for repairs. In the short term, we would ask anyone who can, to write letters to their congressman (The local Rep for the area is Louie Ghomert) asking for their support in securing the necessary funding for repairs. The Forest Service maintains that it has no budgeted monies for recreation. One has to wonder why they would spend federal dollars on recreation areas around lakes, then quit maintaining them. We are also soliciting any help possible, whether it be physical labor to work on the ramp on work days, or Engineering and or construction support in the form of estimation of costs for repairs of the road in, parking lot, and ramp. If you can be of any help, please PM me.

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