Just want to show a few RonRig Crappie Series A Style Umbrella Rigs that will be available this week.
Made with .041 Stainless Wire, 40lb Crane Swivel, with Compression Rings.

A fellow Angler is testing them out, and he sent me these pictures of the RonRig's with jigs attached.

Size is about 4" on the legs, and 6" center leg, but at this time we are fine tuning them. Since I manfuacture all of Nekid Tackle's inventory in Lewisville, I can custom manufacture or make changes. Due to the size, they can easily be fished in slips, lots of hard cover, or any tight spot.

Also from until May 1, 2015 at 11:59pm all TFF'ers get a 10% discount. You can also pick the items up in Lewisville, or Irving (Las Colinas), TX.
Website is www.nekidtackle.com. Promo Code is TFF10%OFF

Thanks for looking, and comments are always welcomed!

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