Day Light Savings time has returned…

Spring Break is over…

In theory, the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow…

So, anyone what to cast?

The Dallas Fly Fishers will be hosting an informal fly casting practice session Tuesday, March 24. This will be a very informal event and everyone of all skill levels is welcome.

Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday, March 24
Time: About 6:00 pm until everyone leaves (but, I’ll need to leave by 7:30)
Place: Anderson Bonner Park; located on Park Central Drive between 635-LBJ and Forest Lane in Dallas
>> We’ll on the south end of the park near Forest Lane at the parking meters across the street from Medical City Hospital Dallas. So, bring quarter or two with you.
Notes on Location: The park is located about 1 mile southwest of DFF’s meeting location at the Wyndham Hotel. (From the hotel: 1. Go south to 635-LBJ, 2. Turn right (west) and stay on the service road (stay in the right hand lane), 3. Turn left at the stop sign onto Park Central, 4. The casting area will be on the right near Forest Lane.

Google Map location of the Park:

This “casting practice” session will be an informal get together similar to what used to be done prior to DFF’s monthly meetings. Formal casting lessons will not be offered during these sessions, but we’ll address any casting topic that the participants are interested in. This will be an opportunity to discuss and practice anything from beginning to advanced casting skills, and it will be an opportunity to visit with other club members. These sessions will be open anyone that wants to participate.

Fly Fishers International certified casting instructor
TFO Rods pro staff