New to using electronics and I'm hoping that's my problem. I've had the lowrance 4 HDI elite mounted onto my 16 foot tracker v guide for about a month now and still having trouble with interference. I think. I've tried adjusting the setting manually and used auto and switched frequenceies but still can't decide if it's reading right. When motor is off and I'm using the trolling motor, things seem to be more clear and accurate. I've def picked up balls of bait. But as soon as I crank the motor the image changes and I start to see more "fish" and if I put the motor into gear at idiling speed, there are "fish" everywhere! Usually towards the bottom of the graph. When I'm in 40ft of water there markings showing up in a real thick consistency about 20ft down. Like I said I'm new and never had one with this much technology. I'd just like to get tips or advice on how to dial it in properly. Thanks