Posted this in Freshwater section as well:

My son actually came up with this question last year. Are there any summer camps that are really based around fishing? I'm hoping some of you have some ideas for me.

I am not looking for the typical summer camp that happens to have a pond or stream where the campers can wet a line and maybe catch something. My son is an avid fisherman, has already caught bass, crappie, blue cats, large carp, large bull reds, black drum, flounder and more. I am just throwing this out there and wondering if anyone knows of any summer camp or something of that type that would actually be geared around fishing and have some decent education and opportunities for a boy like mine. If not, somebody needs to start one! LOL Looking forward to seeing what ideas you have to share.

I have gotten a few promising ideas - anyone who has anyone who has actually attended with their impressions/feedback would be great.