Results from Central CCBC @ LBJ

1st Bob Reed & Mike Sedillo with 8.27
2nd Toby Turner & Jerrie Casey with 8.00
3rd Charley David & Kyle Barfield with 6.99
4th Earl & Leisha Loggains with 6.67
5th Kyle Brink solo with 6.32
BB was Mike Sedillo with 4.09

The fish are getting ready to pop. Water temp was 58 to 60.

The winning pattern was Flukes around docks.
Other patterns were jigs around docks, Alabama rigs,light Carolina rigs, cranking rock, Carolina rig in 15 to 30 ft.
Best colors were green pumpkin, black & blue, watermelon seed.

The message was on Jon 14:23-27.
We discussed how once we receive the Holy Spirit he lives in us to lead & direct us & how we sometimes need to get still & seek his guidance & listen to the small voice in us. We talked about how the Lord had defeated sin & even though we still sin sin has no power over us & rolls off of our backs like water off a ducks back when we ask for forgiveness.

John 14:23 Anyone!! who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love him. We will come to him & make our home with him.