The Central Texas High School Tournament Trail, tournament set for the 28th of February will be moving its launch and weigh-in site from Temple Lake Park to Arrowhead Ramp. You may launch from any ramp on Lake Belton that you wish; however you must check in at the Arrowhead Ramp before the official launch time (about 7:00AM).

Directions to Arrowhead Ramp are;
Take FM2271 over the Lake Belton dam as you would if you were headed for Temple Lake Park. At the Light, turn left onto Hwy 2305, heading for Temple Lake Park. A couple miles down the road you will come to a self-storage unit on the corner of Hwy 2305 and Arrowhead Point Road. Turn Left onto Arrowhead Point Road and follow it until you come to the sign pointing you towards the boat ramp.

Weather forecast for Saturday is cold in the morning with a temperature of 33 to 35 degrees and warming to the low 50s by the afternoon. Chance of rain 30%. Be sure to dress warm and bring rain gear, just in case.

Hope to see everyone at the lake.

President / Director of the Central Texas High School Tournament Trail
Coach / C.E.Ellison High School Fishing Team