The way the weather and fishing is now Im mainly concentrating on maintenance. Everything from waxing and buffing the poor old thing to having Blake change out the brake-in oil.
I've managed 20 hours on the new motor over the winter so it's ready to go for the spring.
New trailer tires, bearings packed and trailer is ready to go.

My fishing tackle looks pretty good. I have been pulling it all out and giving it a good going over. I really like the way a freshly oiled fishing reel looks and feels when you make a long cast with it. Don't want any bearings screaming back at you when you rare back and chunk the heavy striper slabs. I noticed a couple of broken rod tips on some of my cat fish rods that need repair and then there's the fishing line. We go through a lot of line and some of those cat fish reels hold a bunch. If I can stand on my line and pull hard against it without it breaking it's ready for hybrids.

Lures for sand bass and Hybrids just seem to get all mixed together. I like hybrid tackle in one box, sand bass tackle in its box, catfish tackle in its box, and the crappie tackle in its box. When you start to organize you figure out it really don't work that way. The simple reason is fish are so tricky it takes everything plus the kitchen sink sometimes to cast at them to see what they are biting best that minute of that day.

Probably on sand bass and hybrids, if you have a rattle trap, sassy shad, top water lure of some kind or maybe a lead headed spinner will work good but without a doubt the most dependable bait in your tackle box is your slab.

The color of these baits that work the best are your traditional flashy colors. Chartreuse being the favorite on the lake but in past years Ive started favoring something closer to bright yellow, but you have to try all the others also. White, red, hammered chrome, tapped chrome, blue green, green and chrome, tapped chartreuse, painted chartreuse and black and chrome are just a few colors that might produce fish. Even some people like a little buck tail made from chicken feathers some like a plastic buck-tail, and we haven't even gone to colors for crappie jigs.

When the fishing is tough give me a chrome slab. When it's pretty good but you think it can be better, give me a Rattle Trap. When it's good and it's been good I want a yellow slab, it just goes on and on and on and on, and thats why a fisherman ends up with enough tackle to compete with Wal-Mart because he wants to catch as many fish as he can as fast as he can!!!

I've caught a limit of fish just telling this little story!!

Let's go fishing folks, bring the wife, the kids, grandparents, grandkids, your buddies, everyone is welcome.

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