Last week I took another trip out with Clark Reehm and the Elite Angler Academy . After my first trip out with him, I stated that it was well worth the money and I had learned more in that single day than I have the past 10yrs fishing. Well this 2nd trip was no different and once again Clark went out of his way to teach me new information pertaining to electronics, waypoint management, triangulating locations, tackle management, specific lure techniques and even touched base on building and maintaining productive brush piles. We spent time dissecting seasonal patterns, feed spots and discussing seasonal routes the fish are taking as they move up and down the water column. The best part was getting to put all this information to use and see it in action! At one point we were able to locate a school of feeding fish and we were getting bit every cast! Clark is a great guy full of personality, is a patient teacher and goes out of his way to ensure you understand before he moves on. If you are considering a trip to learn or a trip to catch, I highly recommend him. This will not be my last trip with him!

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