Been awhile since I've done an update on El Butto fishing. Lake El Butto is the retention pond at the end of my street. Started yesterday at 9:30 and fished 3 hours, caught a total of 14 fish. 9 crappie, 4 bass, and 1 bream. The big bass was caught dragging a 1/2 ounce jewel football jig in pb&j color with a strike king rage chunk trailer, weighed just over 6 lbs. Long fish with a smallish head, so hopefully that means it still has a lot of growing ahead.

All the rest of the fish were caught on Lane Palmer's Constant Pursuit jigs. Apologies if I got the company name wrong. Used thump buddies, thump froggies, and thump chubbies. Several colors worked although the most bites came on swamp thang color. Most fish came when the jig was set at 6 feet and fished over brushpiles. Also encountered 1 large water moccasin but he was in the water and we mutually agreed to keep our distance.

All in all a very solid day on El Butto and great to see the crappie population growing.