For anyone interested, Mark Zona, Bassmaster MC and host of Zona's Awesome Fishing show has an episode airing tonight on Outdoor Channel at 7 central on Gary's 1st bass brainchild, La Perla Lake. Haven't seen the full episode yet but will be watching it shortly. Shimano and G Loomis were down there all week last week hosting outdoor writers and testing new products. Great time! They caught 3 over 10 one day. Just thought you guys may want to know in light of the discussions last year. Hope you all are doing great and hope to have some time to be on here more in the months to come. Finally finished the filming season on "The Bucks of Tecomate" and now it's time to fish a little!! You can follow our kills and catches and shenanigans on twitter @TecomateWS and @Jordan_Shipley and @Tecomatelaperla

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