Hit the river at 6am to do a little fishing. Watched the steam rise off the river as the sun came up. Caught a nice 3 pound cat before sunrise and thought now it's on....wrong. Got a drum later and decided it was time to change location. Changed location several times, caught a few bluegill here and there and another eater sized cat. a few 6" cats. Decided it was time to start gar fishing, hit 3 of my favorite areas and only got two short runs. Fishing under cork at 18" and on the bottom, one short run on each. Tossed out the pan fish rig for a few more gills (instead of hugging the bank the gills was 10-15' off the bank today). Slowly reeling in and got a good hit, thought I had another eating sized cat till it broke water. 3' spotted long nose gar. Took the nightcrawler when reeling it in and took the hook all the way through the upper snout.
85+ degrees, bright and sunny, where did all the gar go? They wasn't even breaking water except one huge alligator gar once.

My personal best is still swimming out there just getting bigger. One of these days I will quit feeding it.